You Are Not Your Body

Sit Down This might come as a shock to some of you But you are NOT your Body You are NOT that chattering voice inside your head either Now do not get me wrong, helping people reconnect to th...

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Dare to be who you are...

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E.Cummings Isn't that an amazing quote..for all of us. Have you ever had a complete moment of clarity about who you are a...

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F..ck You Ryan Reynolds

So last night I had to say good bye to Ryan Reynolds... He was leaving and leaving for good. Dressed in a smart black suit he climbed the stairs out of my life once and for all.  Sobbin...

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Healing with Sound

If we look at how we use sound to heal, we must look at science, maths and the body. Energy is the life force of everything. Energy is a naturaly vibrating substance. Atoms vibrate all of th...

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History of Sound

Music = spiritual evolution.  Can you think back to a time in your life when there was no music? Think about how you would feel if there was no music, no access to songs that you loved?...

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Carbohydrate sensitivity and blood sugar balance

Do you crave carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, and crackers? I know in the past, I was absolutely a “carb addict” and highly sensitive and had been since a very young child. O...

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Education, training, nutrition?

How do they go together you ask? Easy! When you learn what is missing and how easy it can be to correct its life changing. Education is key to becoming empowered enough to be in control of y...

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Discover your best self yet

Can you think back to a time when you were truly happy in your own skin? You know what I mean, you had bountiful energy, your skin glowed, and you had a positive outlook on life. Can you rem...

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Children of the Sun

Rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, have been rising for at least the last three decades, and this increase has been largely blamed on exposure to our good old friend Mr. S...

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Stay Hydrated These Holidays!

Why water? Water is the most important nutrient in the body: Improves oxygen delivery to cells Transports nutrients Enables cellular hydration Cushions bones and joints Regulates body tempe...

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

How would your life and health look if you began to invest in wellness? It’s interesting to note that when it comes to our wellness, or at least ways of ensuring it, there is reluctanc...

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Less Processed – Not Low Fat

Since the 1970’s and the introduction of low fat foods, fat has had a pretty bad wrap. The truth is, now many people are lacking a good fatty acid balance in their diet and as a result...

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Out of the Blue

Pain is our body's warning system It's been quite a few years now since I first took notice of an interesting phenomenon that was occurring in the patient population I was seeing while I wor...

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Setting your intention for health

Many of us search the world to find those that can help us achieve the health that we desire and  yet very few of us realize the ability to achieve health awaits us in our own back yard...

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Are you optimising your health or waiting for disease?

It's the start of a New Year - a great time for an annual health check up right? Off you go to the Doctor and say "Doc give me the full work up!" But then your results come back and everything is "normal" ..but is it? Do you feel "normal"? And what does "Norma...

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Holiday Strategies

My clients always dread this time of year thinking this will be either a massive test of will or a major stumbling block on their health journey. But when they realize that there is a strate...

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The overlooked epidemic of male menopause

Hormonal changes are often thought of as a natural part of aging. However, male hormone dysregulation is becoming a serious health issue in industrialized countries and is widely unrecognized because it doesn’t present as dramatically for men as it does ...

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Stuck on the Blood-Sugar Rollercoaster?

Could something as simple as the food you start and end your day with be setting you up for a major health crisis? Tell me if this sounds familiar to you..10 am rolls around and you feel this overwhelming need for something to get you through until lunch- mayb...

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Get active with your health!

Tell me if this conversation sounds familiar? Me: Hi Mr/Mrs...any health concerns?? You: nope! Healthy as a horse!! Me: Really? Well now let me rephrase that. How about any minor, irritating little health complaints you've been ignoring or just putting up wit...

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Depressed or Depleted?

Depression is the most frequently searched-for topic online. And no wonder. Those of us that have experienced the depths of clinical depression know just how awful it really is. When you are in the bag, it is hard to think out of the bag. But there is a way ou...

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Oh Libido...Where art thou?

Do you remember the day that sleep started looking better than a romp in the bedroom with hubby? Most of us don't and yet we chock it up to workload, stress or maybe even our significant other. But there was a time that no matter how bad a day, we were always ...

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Autoimmune Disease - its about addressing not suppressing the immune system

A "Sense of Wonder" and Autoimmune  disease...you wouldn't initially think there was an obvious connection but.. Doesn't every person diagnosed with this affliction become struck with a sense of wonder? "I wonder how this happened to me?" Conventionally A...

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You are never really alone

Cell for cell we are 10 times more bacteria than human. In fact for every human gene you possess there are about 100 bacterial ones that also make up who you are. So when you do the math it means this ..you are 1/3 of 1% of who you think you are! Welcome to yo...

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Planning a Springtime Detox?

Ah spring is just around the corner! Time for renewal and rebirth right? Great time to do a Master Cleanse? Maybe a 7 day juice or lemon/maple syrup fast to " cleanse and detoxify"? Can you sense a hint of sarcasm? Maybe just a little.. Let's explore the world...

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Is your period "normal"?

We're all familiar with the common symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which refers to the symptoms that begin during or after ovulation and end with the conclusion of the menstrual flow. They may include bloating, cramps, headaches, swelling...

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Ground Zero of Good Health

I have a very special someone I'd like to introduce you to..YOU!! In our crazy busy processed world many of us have become so disconnected to our bodies and what they can tell us, yet our very health depends on it. Today we explore the ground zero of good heal...

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What to Eat When the Food You Eat Makes You Sick!

Food intolerances and sensitivities are more common than ever and are responsible for more health problems than people realize. Does this sound like you?  Chronic low energy?  Mood swings?  Depleted health?  Tummy bloating/ irregular bowel...

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