Get active with your health!

Tell me if this conversation sounds familiar?

Me: Hi Mr/Mrs...any health concerns??

You: nope! Healthy as a horse!!

Me: Really? Well now let me rephrase that. How about any minor, irritating little health complaints you've been ignoring or just putting up with??

You: oh well sure!! Doesn't everybody?? Let's see ..heartburn, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, migraines, constipated, aches and pains...but that's just part of growing old.....right? Right?

Now if your thinking..hey she's talking about me!! Relax! I have this conversation with clients AT LEAST 10 times a day, maybe more. So yes we probably have had this conversation. And I've probably had it with close to half of this town.

So why is this important? Why should this matter to you? Well if we have had this conversation before than you already know my answer...

Because it's the "LITTLE THINGS" that accumulate into the BIG THINGS!!

The BIG THINGS are what make us lose control over our health and sends us down the path of never ending medications, revolving doctors appointments and long surgical wait lists. But it's the LITTLE THINGS that are truly our window of opportunity, our warning sign to turn things around.

If your a client of mine you know only too well the "homework" I give you before we even meet- full personal and family health history, diet journal and 300 question symptoms analysis. AND THEN..when we first meet we dig even deeper...right back to the first day you were born.

And believe it or not that is ENTIRELY every clients key to success because the secret to attaining wellness is hidden with in the depths of that story. It's is in fact, the very foundation to functional nutritional therapy.

So please don't think your health care professional isn't interested or doesn't have time because it is your story that provides them with every clue they need to unravel the mystery within you. Don't think that because one symptom Iies at completely the opposite of your body from another symptom that they are not related. Every system in the body works in symphony with every other system - they are all inter-related.

Would you believe something as innocuous as chronic heartburn can effect everything from arthritis to gradual loss of memory and dementia? Or that the rampant epidemic of plantar fasciitis in this town could have everything to do with hormonal dysfunction and chronic low lying inflammation? If you are transfixed by your symptom without considering your whole story, well then my friend you are missing the big picture to your health.

I love the investigative journey I take with my clients, peeling back their layers and helping them make the connections to better health. But please know this journey is entirely dependent on each and every one of you becoming an active, thinking, questioning, researching, participant in your own health. Begin that journey now BEFORE your sitting in your doctors office scrambling to remember the little details..The secret to wellness is completely within your control right now.

So come..lets get active!!

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