History of Sound

Music = spiritual evolution. 

Can you think back to a time in your life when there was no music?

Think about how you would feel if there was no music, no access to songs that you loved? Songs that make you dance, laugh, cry, remember, motivate and inspire you, help you relax and unwind.

Sound is pretty powerful stuff.

Throughout the ages sound, music, chanting, tones and frequencies have been used for far more than entertainment.

We have forgotten the place of sound. Now it is more about a performance, one that we judge. We go to concerts, listen to songs, we dance for others more than we do ourselves. We fear criticism so rarely sing.

Music unites us, it is limitless and the power of sound is finally being remembered as a major player in our evolutionary progress.

Every society and culture has used sound for ritual, healing, entertainment and spiritual growth. Music and dance were used as part of cultural ceremonies, rituals were cyclic and based on the sun, the planets, the cycles of the rivers, this ensured the coherence of people to the land.

Subtle, influential energy – disguised as music – has affected mankind for many thousands of years. In ancient times, music was considered critical for survival. It was used for diverse applications: strengthening warriors, striking enemies, inducing rain, building psychic skills, enhancing crop growth, creating trances, curing physical, emotional and mental health issues and even more. Music was a powerful “vibratory wand” wielding magical–like energies.

Lost Waves – Jill Mattson


I would like to go over a brief summary of how sound has been used to heal, control, expand and repress humans over the last several centuries. 

You may have noticed that through the ages we have changed, the fashion, architecture, art, then lastly thought but Music comes first! Music drives our spiritual evolution.

Music was responsible for the dark ages! The beginning and the end of it.

In the beginning when sound was used in progressive positive ways to heal our minds, body and spirits, people lived harmoniously according to Ancient Sounds Modern Healing – Jill Mattson

Not only was the sound, pitch, vibration and frequency important but also the position of the where the sound was coming from.

It has been documented that in 1950s Tibetan Monks raised boulders up a cliff.

There are even many that believe the mystery of the Pyramids is really not a mystery at all. The Pyramids are after all just wonderful sound chambers, they are harmonic structures– based on sacred geometry and infused with frequency and energies.

You can see through the study of cymatics what sound does to particles, the way a frequency moves sand – creates pictures, mandalas and thanks to Dr Emoto we can see sound waves frozen in water.

Is it really much of a stretch to see that sound is responsible for everything? I will go into this more when I delve deeper in the science of sound but I just wanted to make it clear at this point that for thousands of years we have been using sound to evolve.

So why don’t we do it now? Why did this progression stop?

Well im not into conspiracy theories….. but the story goes that back in the Middle ages – government controlled the music and vibratory structure to control the people.

The Catholic church also controlled people with music, all those hymns…. Large Organs…. Back then other religions were viewed as competition. Music was outlawed,  Musicians were not allowed to be buried on sacred ground. They were sorcerers and witches. Yes they had the power to make people dance and sing and heal and all sorts of terrible things. Happy people are not as easy to control, and fear can be very useful for changing peoples ideas. If it doesn’t come from love it comes form fear and unfortunately controlling people by using fear is the way we have been ruled and controlled for a long time. The power of sound was hidden away and practised in secret.

The Phi ratio and nature patterns were also outlawed. Music was limited to one tone, and a tone that was not within our tonal system. There was no beginning and no end, repetitive chant with no melody – enter stage right the Dark ages!

It was of course not just the church –

Jill Mattson explains in her book “Ancient Sounds Modern Healing “


 “the ancient Chinese changed the music that people listened to during different times of day. As seasons changed, they also changed the keys in which music was played and they changed which musical instruments were used. Allowing only specific instruments to be used during certain times controlled the timber of the music (due to dominant harmonics for specific instruments). For example, wood instruments (such as violins) were heard in the summer and reed instruments (such as clarinets) were reserved for spring. Metal instruments were used in the fall and drums in the winter. Therefore, they tailored the dominant harmonics to control the interaction of the music with the energy of nature. In so doing this, ancient Chinese leaders altered the impact of the music on their people.

The sounds of instruments were equated with nature; musical instruments are all offshoots from nature - (instruments are made from materials of nature, such as wood, reeds, metals, animal hides, fibers, etc.).

Many ancient people believed harmonics from the energy of nature, the seasons, and the stars (astrological influences), strongly affected their minds, bodies and emotions.

Mystics have been referring to this energy grid for thousands of years. They believe this subtle energy body is the blueprint of the physical body and also the connection between our physical bodies and our nonphysical minds and emotions. For example, if I worry, I slow down the subtle energy in my belly. When the subtle energy grid is slow or “out of tune” long enough, my stomach becomes diseased and I get an ulcer.

Healthy energy grids are necessary for a healthy body. This is the premise that acupuncture is based on. Acupuncture “tunes” the flow of our subtle energy systems.

The major intersections of nadis that channel energy to and from the physical body are called chakras. The word chakra, means energy wheel. We are healthy when our chakras spin energy to needed areas of our body. The ancient Hindi people, the Sufi’s, as well as many modern scientists, sound different vowels as one way to ensure energy is properly flowing into our chakras. The ancient Chinese people also associated the sounds of the chakras with various elements (the sound of fire, water, metal, earth and wood).

These Chinese people believed that the sound of our own voice vibrates in our body, affecting our health. The quality of our voice can be earthy (slow and deep) or metallic (high and piercing); these vibrations affect our body.”

The Greeks were into emotional healing. they healed emotions to physically heal the body.

They believed in releasing and acknowledging pain, they would listen to sad music to remind them then let the music draw out the emotion to heal themselves.

They would use dissonance to help those knock and shatter emotional body fields.

They also used tones to rid themselves of the Plague – music for an illness just use the reciprocal frequency.

Now I will briefly mention here that colours fit in musical scale.

Now we know from art class that complementary colours cancel each other out.

Virus – 10 to rid virus listen to 1 over 10

This is known as Antidote frequency.

They would use  noise cancelling to tune up specific organs as each organ has a specific frequency when it is healthy.

2 colours or notes correspond frequency cancelled this out.

 Think of how Noise cancelling headphones work. (A sound that is 180 degrees out of phase with the bothersome sound is heard this Consequently, cancels the sound out resulting in silence)

Ancient barbaloins used colour to rid undesirable emotional states and physical illnesses.

The Ancient Chinese – 3000BC astrology observing how the stars move , making slight waves, using noise cancelling to balance out challenges.

The Ancient Hindus would chant the note C at a specific frequency, rhythm and vowels. they used mantras which are based on harmonics, pitches, rhythms. Every time you say the mantra you receive the emotion of the mantra you chant.

Ancient systems of music had 22-88 notes in an octave (we have 12). It has been said that they could hear higher and lower pitched than we can. Apparently, they had more seeing ability than we do. Matched to the level of consciousness that they had. Evolved spiritual beings that used the sound, energy and frequency as tools.

 Know that just because we can not hear a note or frequency does not mean that it is not there, affecting us. The ancients would meditate and tune into sounds and tiny vibrations we don’t hear today. Octaves and frequencies that correlate tap into brain waves and produce physic phenomenon.

Ancient Egyptians used sounds based on the numbers 3,4,5. They used sacred geometry in their buildings, healings and of course music. Going to Egypt to learn about the buildings and sacred geometry would be an amazing experience. they were sound healers, architects and highly evolved beings. Tones of chakras and harmonics are built into the pyramids and were used for healing.

Now we have all heard of Tesla. he generated energy from the power of music 3,6,9.

“Everything in the universe has a vibrating frequency, called resonant frequency”

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

“if you only knew the magnificence of 3,6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe” – Tesla

Around the time of the Resonance and classical music if you were caught playing the wrong tone you would be sent to goal.

In the 1950s Martin Luther ruled and composers such as Bach and Mendleson were around. In Beethoven time we can see that charity was born. Could this be from the sounds that were being played?

Classical music is built in the system of 3s

Jazz and rock is 2

Rap 1 – duality being alone experiencing individuality – sounds a bit like what they are singing about also.

Music shapes us. What we listen to has a huge effect on our behaviour and thoughts.


Before I wrap this up I briefly want to touch on the 440hz topic. This one affects us today, right now. Every time you turn on the radio or the TV. It a big one and there is lots of information out there about it. 

It is said that 432Hz resonates with the Heart Chakra, repairs DNA and restores both spiritual and mental health. There is even the suggestion that 432 tuned music stimulates the right brain, responsible for our most desirable human traits.

Composers Bach, Chopain and Mozart used 432Hz to create their masterpieces.

440Hz not in resonance with the human body – tone not found in nature. Used to the detriment of others by Nazi Germany – Joseph Gobels changed this scale from 432Hz to 440Hz to stifle creativity and dull emotions – control the masses. Rockafella foundation adopted this scale.

The research conducted with grants from the Rockefeller Foundation determined that 440 Hz music was good at making people work harder. It is said to stimulate pure left brain traits which stifle creative thought and null the emotions. It is clear why these traits were desirable when we are trying to control people. It also might explain why modern music, which changed to the 440 Hz standard in 1939, has had such a negative effect on today's culture.

It keeps us wanting more and encourages us to look outside of ourselves.

Much is made of the fact that 440 Hz is "unnatural" and creates subtle disharmony to the listeners. The argument posed is that when the two frequencies are examined in Cymatics experiments, the patterns show that 432 Hz creates distinct shapes which indicate that they resonate with nature. The 440 Hz tuning creates indistinct patterns revealing a lack of coherence

This apparatus used sand but similar results are seen in water. The argument is made that the human body is about 70% water and so these harmonious ripples can affect our cells. Likewise, the inharmonious vibrations of 440 Hz can be a source of illness

If you are not a musician and want to hear some popular tunes in 432 Hz you have two good options. First, it is believed that musicians such as John Lennon (Imagine) and some of the early works of Bob Marley (Three Little Birds) were recorded on instruments tuned to the 432 Hz scale. It seems this right-brain tuning has been known for some time and many artists have experimented with it or created their tunes using it.

So all that said I hope I have managed to show you that sound is not just the music on the radio. It is not just famous people that sing songs to entertain. It is the fabric of life. We are made of sound and sound has the power to change our evolution.

Article by Jess Brown

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