Stuck on the Blood-Sugar Rollercoaster?

Could something as simple as the food you start and end your day with be setting you up for a major health crisis?

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you..10 am rolls around and you feel this overwhelming need for something to get you through until lunch- maybe a latte, muffin, or fruit. Or how about the 3-4 pm slump when only a bit of chocolate, iced coffee or maybe a sugar free soft drink will do to help you push through until dinner. Can I have a show of hands?

And how would you describe your energy levels? Really? That good huh?

Now take your willpower and your daily stimulant (coffee, tea, sugar, energy drink) out of the equation. How about now? Well my friends....welcome to the Blood-sugar roller coaster and guess what? It's picking up speed.

Fatigue is the most common complaint which we blame on our hectic lifestyles as well as the pressures of daily work and family life. However we forget that many generations before us suffered greater work demands and yet todays epidemic need for energy supplements are unprecedented. Energy drinks, supplements and the ever expanding coffee franchise is testament to this and it's become big business. Welcome to the modern epidemic of blood sugar dysregulation - it's the body's early warning sign to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and yes, type 2 diabetes.

Most of us don't realize how we start the day with food sets the tone for how we manage our blood sugar throughout the day. Our metabolism is like a fire - how we stoke it makes all the difference to our long term health. Start the day with cereal, toast, juice and you are fueling yourself with carbohydrates - the equivalent to kindling, or paper- quick burning and constantly needing to be topped up- leading to weight issues and ultimately the modern diseases of our civilization. Start the day with healthy fats and protein and it's like putting a slow burning log on the fire providing you with long burning fuels throughout the day or at least easily until lunch time. Wouldn't it be wonderful to stop being distracted by your hungry belly all day long?

So let's start with an experiment - come Monday morning lets all get through the day with no stimulants. No coffee, no sweets, no sugar free drinks. If you scare yourself about how dependent you are on stimulants to make it through the day, start Tuesday with 2 lovely eggs anyway you like, smoked salmon and a bed of steamed spinach- then see how you feel at 10 am.

If you notice a difference and want to learn more I invite you begin your own journey to understanding why food means everything to your health. Here's some great resources to get you started.

Fore more info, check out: Sugar the Bitter Truth by Dr. Robert Lustig (endocrinologist) & Wheat belly- Dr. William Davis (cardiologist)

Feel that? I think the Roller coaster just slowed a little ...:)

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