Donna Larcom

My own personal health journey has led me to study nutrition. I have a special interest in helping people improve their vitality and energy using food and nutrients. I am a “Foodie” at heart and love preparing and cooking great meals for my family and friends.

As my knowledge of nutrition has evolved, I take great satisfaction in using food swaps to create more nutrient dense meals, that will nourish my body and fuel my energy through the day. For me, the energy to achieve all the things I would like to in a day, is very important, after having once suffered quite debilitating fatigue for an extended period.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, eating a standard Australian Diet in the 70s and 80s when we as a culture, were fully embracing the foods of convenience, loads of refined carbohydrates, packaged breakfast cereals, fast food and easy to prepare meals. For me, this turned out to not be such a great thing and in my 40s I began to really struggle to make it through a full day without feeling wiped out. I learnt that my digestive system was not working properly and as a consequence I was not able to use the nutrients from my food properly. I was suffering from malabsorption, dysbiosis, parasites and leaky gut. I also found that traditional medicine, was not able to help me much, it offered more antibiotics, which only really made the situation of dysbiosis worse. Modern medicine was not interested in the root cause of my issues, only the band aid fix. I really wanted to know why this was happening and heal properly.   After I totally changed my diet, from what I thought at the time, was pretty good, I used food and nutrients to heal and slowly regained my vitality and energy back again.

Through my studies I have come to really have the upmost respect for the human body for its incredible capacity to heal. That is the good news story. Given the right nutrients, diet, improved digestion, better sleep and less stress, we can regenerate and feel energised again, our body is constantly trying to maintain homeostasis. We are in control of our own health, we need to stay focussed on providing our body with the right nutrient dense foods for each individual. Bio individuality is a part of the way we work with each client, as one persons diet success may not be the same for the next person. As a functional Nutritionist I have been equipped some skills to personally assess what your own body will benefit from.  Which is very helpful, as there are so many choices out there and it can be very confusing.  I believe the real benefit of nutrition is about bringing in the right food choices before disease really has the opportunity to slow us down, nutrition is all about wellness, listening to your body and being in tune with it, a skill that is somewhat lost in our toxic, crazy paced world. I want to feel great as I get older, not sluggish and niggled by aches and pains.

I am so excited to have taken on a major career change as a nutritionist, it has already made huge difference to my own wellbeing and that of my family. If you are feeling tired, run down and would like support to transition to a better diet and have more energy and vitality to really enjoy your life and be able to participate fully then lets meet up!

Donna Larcom is a Functional Nutritional Therapist who specializes in in house clinical functional testing and bio-individualized nutrition.


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