Emma Reeve

My journey to finding good health started many years ago after suffering permanent injuries in a car accident. As a result I was looking at a lifetime of prescription mediation to manage pain.

Not long after the accident my life took another major turn. I became a mum. 

As my life changed, I found that my health suffered. After trying to manage my long term recovery from the accident, and dealing with the extreme fatigue and stress of motherhood, I dedicated my nights to researching a solution that was better than prescription medication.

I found, tried and tested many remedies to manage pain, adrenal fatigue, depression and improve gut health, to name a few. My friends and family could vouch that if it existed, I tried it in search of improving my health and emotional wellbeing as well as that of my husband and children.

Many hours, months and years later I discovered the Nutritional Therapy Association. I have since become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the rest is now history! 
My new found knowledge has allowed me greater insight into how our bodies work and what they need to have optimal health.

I love working with people and helping them achieve and maintain good health. I call this NUTRITION EDUCATION THROUGH ACTION.
In order to improve our health we have to take steps to get there, and my role is to educate and support my clients to do this.

As a mother, wife and ex-Defence personnel, and having had success through my own experience, I have a personal interest in:

  • Optimising family health
  • Improving child behaviour
  • Managing pain
  • Improving mental wellbeing and working with PTSD sufferers
  • If you feel that our stories connect and I could help you, I'd love to hear from you


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