Kirsten Bulgarelli

I believe in natural; I believe our bodies know what is right; I believe good health is our birth right. For me, engaging good nutrition is a celebration of life and I believe, life is worth celebrating with good food, movement and strength training, relaxation therapy and good friends. After a long disorderly relationship with food, I discovered my direction to health, vitality and personal healing. 

For many years I suffered body image issues as I continually struggled to lose weight. I was fit and I like to exercise, however my body didn’t respond as I thought it should. I exercised hard and followed the regime of low fat, 'calories in versus calories out' for many years (calories in won most days!). I would lose weight but it was hard to maintain and I was ‘Hangry’ a lot and still a little chubby!

In an effort to gain information about my body and control of my health, I became a personal trainer and studied sports science at University. My knowledge of the human body improved, however I still lacked the understanding of nutrition and the unique relationship our body has with food. Without this information, I continued my struggles with diet, without seeing healthy or long-lasting results. With little fat in my diet, my gallbladder packed it in, stupidly I had it removed, still, not the end of the world! My obsession with body image began to spiral out of control; I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and an eating disorder. In an effort to heal myself and after much research trying to find answers, I found Nutritional Therapy Association. My life, health and relationship with food has changed forever, and for the better. Thankfully, I also now know how to adapt to a healthy life without a gallbladder. 

As a result of my own experiences I was left with desire to help others heal, I am now a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I understand how food nourishes our bodies and how our bodies process nutrients from food to heal itself. Personally, I understand the struggles that we can have with food and body image as well as the struggles that we can have with making healthy choices. While I am interested in many areas of functional health, including digestion, hormones and autoimmune issues, I am most keen to help motivated people with: 

  • fat adapted bodies (ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet);
  • weight loss resistance/eating disorders;
  • understanding the unique role hormones and gut microbiome play in each individual client;

I am passionate about nutrition (food is our medicine), eating primal foods especially fats, being hydrated and expanding my knowledge. I enjoy preparing nutrient dense foods and manipulating recipes to produce an enjoyable nutrient dense experience.  I love to move and believe that nutrition, movement and mind (relaxation therapies) work in conjunction to foster and restore optimal health. I am interested in your health journey and how, together, we might restore your health to exceptional!


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