Dare to be who you are...

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E.Cummings

Isn't that an amazing quote..for all of us.

Have you ever had a complete moment of clarity about who you are and then totally denied it or ignored it because it didn't fit our expectations? Maybe it required either too much change or maybe even too much acceptance?

I love how our journey collectively reveals what is true for all of us in so many ways.

However parts of our journey are and should be unique. And so this is in no way a generic prescription. But I hope it helps to inspire and guide you (ok all of us) over the next few weeks: 

Cherish special friendships.

I had (and still have) friends who knew and loved me unconditionally. This is truly invaluable. Make and keep good friends and be honest with them. They can be your moral compass during stormy times.

Love those who stumble; we all do sometimes.

We all stumble. It’s part of being human. Some of our greatest wisdom and insight comes from these moments.

Take responsibility for your own life.

This is the beginning of self-esteem. Although stuff happens, ultimately you are responsible for your actions.

When we deeply and utterly understand that to be true, life takes on a whole new meaning. Whatever has happened until the past moment is gone. This present moment is again yours. And you have the power to do whatever you want with it.

Have a big vision and keep your goals aligned with your vision.

There is no such thing as a vision that's too big! You have the incredible ability to be and do anything. Harness you incredible power of free will and any things possible. 

Remember that death makes life real. 

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Death can come at any moment, to any of us. We don’t have forever to be who we are. In fact, we owe it to ourselves and those we love to be truly alive and authentic in each moment. It is the only legacy we can be proud to leave behind.

Don’t worry too much about making mistakes.

It is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all. Think and analyse your decisions carefully, but once you feel reasonably sure you have made a good choice, just trust yourself. Be bold and go forth into the wilderness.

Whatever happens, you will have gained an experience from it that only the courageous can boast of.

Know your strengths. 

You are unique. There is only one you in this entire universe. No one has exactly your strange and magical mix of genes and experience. Learn what makes you tick. And keep building on that. You will make wonderful things happen.

Fall in love with yourself 

All the things you do are incredible unique and precious. From the moment you speak, feel and create (within the kitchen or out)! 

Be in the moment. 

Appreciate the hell out of everything you do. Did you make those fricken amazing Date-Nut balls?? Damn right you did and their awesome!! 

Don’t forget to laugh. 

Include as much love and laughter in your day as legally possible. And that’s your FNTP's order. :) 

So my dear friend, don’t wait to be who you are. You are special and there is a reason you are on this earth. No matter what your situation is, there is something you can do today to move toward your true self. So take my hand and we will discover this together.

Dare to be who you are, your dreams are counting on you.

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