Jess Brown

I believe that nutrition is necessary for happiness and vitality. It is very important to nourish our bodies in a way that supports our being.

This has become an overcomplicated process due to overwhelming supported and even encouraged over consumerism.

Confused and unwell is unfortunately becoming the norm in our society.

I now see this as people out of balance. So often our health problems begins with a trapped energy or emotion – this then when ignored or symptom treated progresses into disease. We so often ignore the root causes. In turn missing the point of what our bodies are trying to tell us.

Our consuming of foods that are out of alignment with what our bodies actually need often fuels more consumption. Emotional eating, addiction, mood disorders and auto immune to name a few. These health issues need addressing on all levels of our being.

We are not just bodies. Our health and vitality comes from a balance and alignment of;

 our bodies through nutrition, movement, exercise, rest, stress management, yoga

our minds with meditation, mindfulness practises, feelings of safety, stress management, connection with others etc

and our spirits through energy work sound healing, reiki colour therapy and so many more.

There are hundreds of healing modalities and each person will respond differently to the varying practises– we need to find the one or even several that works for our being.

I do believe that an integration of healing practises is necessary for achieving wellness and balance.

I myself am a qualified Functional Nutritional therapy practitioner, a Psych K facilitator, Reiki worker, Mindfulness practitioner and a Sound worker.

My studies so far with the power of sound for healing has lead me through deep work for myself and my clients. The science and history behind sound is immense and fascinating. This has grown to be my passion.

Even when we do not hear sound or are aware of the vibrations and presence of sound waves, believe that they are there and that they can will and do affect your health. Soundwaves affect everything in the universe as everything is energy.

Sound has affected humans for as long as we have been conscious and probably even before that, every culture uses sound for so many things. Entertainment, healing, rituals. It has the power to move you literally physically and emotionally.

Innately we are comforted, evoked and united by sound. Sound is powerful stuff.

I work with Nepalese Healing Bowls and Tuning Forks to restore energies, vibrations and frequencies within the body. This can move blockages, balance an align your energies and cells within the body thus restoring health and vitality on all levels of being – Mind – Body and Spirit.


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