Jess Brown

I believe that health is the necessary base for happiness and vitality. I also believe that you know it too. We all know what is good for us and what is not, listening to ourselves in this busy plugged in world is where we are becoming unstuck.

Many of us make poor choices around food and lifestyle;  partly due to the constant bombarding of advertising that we are exposed to.

As a nutritional therapist I feel that supporting you to make more informed choices and helping to give direction through the mine fields of our perpetual consumption we can really reset your body and give you more confidence in being able to manage your own health and get you on the way to vitality.

I have vivid memories of trawling the internet searching desperately for answers to my own health issues. I can relate to that overwhelming frustration and disappointment that lands like a ton of bricks in the pit of your stomach when you find another article that contradicts the one you read the night before. The never ending diets and body image issues, Calorie counting, low fat, low carb, no fruit, all fruit, juicing, raw, fasting, detoxing round and round we go.

I now know that this is not the best approach to getting to a healthful self.  After studying with the Nutritional Therapy Association I now have the tools to achieve the balance required for optimal wellness. Health is not a one size fits all, we are all so different that is what is so wonderful about Nutritional Therapy. What works for me may not work for you. We use a bio individual approach backed with solid foundations that build the framework for health. It is a personalised approach and this is why it works.

Everyone has a health journey and the more stories I hear the more I can relate, “oh me too” is all too common. So many of us have learnt to live with the warning signs our bodies send us. We take a Panadol or just assume that is the way everyone is, or even worse we just forget what it feels like to feel good! Headaches, aching joints, food sensitivities, bloating, gas constipation, diarreah, rashes, fatigue, weigh gain, weight loss, tooth ache, thinning hair, mood swings. These are all the ways the body tries to tell you that something is out of balance. We need to listen.

Jess Brown is a Functional Nutritional Therapist who specializes in in house clinical functional testing and bio-individualized nutrition.


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