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Have you ever thought about the way you breathe?

We really do take it for granted that every single breath is going to be there for us, time and time again. Every single in breath and every single out breath.

Our bodies are incredible things and we have really only just scraped the surface when it comes to understanding their function and what they are truly capable of.

But did you know that we can control our breathing and when we do, we can create positive change on our bodies and to our minds?

Because our breath gives us ENERGY.

We literally breathe life into ourselves with each and every breath.

And so if we can learn how to breathe in a conscious way, we can learn how to harness the breath, which controls our energy, and allows us to let go of what doesn’t serve us whilst energising and charging us.

There are many, many more benefits to doing Breathwork.

But put simply, breathwork is controlled, conscious breathing. There are many different types of conscious controlled breathing and you will hear different names for these types too. Some of the most popular include:

  • Shamanic breathwork
  • Holotrophic breathwork
  • Rebirthing
  • Psychedelic breathwork
  • Pranayama
  • Wimhof

There are also different ways to breathe:

  • In and out through the mouth
  • In and out through the nose
  • Boxed breathing
  • 4-7-8 breathing
  • Diaphragmatic (belly) breathing
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • Breathing with breath holds

And so depending on the type of controlled conscious breathing you choose, depends on the outcome and the result you have.I will just say that in my opinion, all breathwork feels amazing. Even if you experience something really emotional in the process, you never leave feeling bad. I have always experienced feeling lighter, more relaxed, more connected to my body and spirit, more positive and like something that needed to shift has shifted.

But I will be honest with you…

Breathwork truly is WORK!

As mentioned above, you will leave a breathwork session feeling very different to when you entered.

Like when you go to the gym to work your muscles, going to a breathwork session works your lungs along with the muscles associated with respiration (like your diaphragm, the intercostal muscles as well as the accessory muscles found in our necks, chest, back, abdominal cavity and even our nose!).

So imagine if you’ve not been breathing fully and freely on a regular basis, using all of these muscles when you breathe, you may have some weakness in these areas and it could be quite challenging and fatiguing.

You will also feel very different after a breathwork session because you will have shifted the energy in your body.

So if you had an argument with someone the day before and you are still feeling unresolved by it. Or if you are still dealing with issues from your past, maybe from when you were a child, then it is likely that this energy is still residing in the tissues of your body.

So breathing in a conscious, controlled, rhythmic way can shift this energy.

What might that look like? Laughing, crying, screaming, humming, stillness, happiness, moving the body a lot or shaking/vibrating. Basically, any movement or sounds that your body can produce, may be produced during a breathwork session. You may even have a vision or an out of body experience. However, you may also experience none of this. You may simply experience a deep sleep, a dream-like state… Or you may just feel really really relaxed.

But you will leave feeling different to when you came and your experience will be exactly what you needed in that moment. That is for sure.

Some people say that what people can achieve in one Breathwork session is what people experience after a lifetime of meditation, that bliss state. It can be that powerful. They also say that it can be a way to “get high on our own supply.”No drugs needed, just the power of our own breath which switches on our own internal feel good chemicals.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue or tension
  • lack of focus
  • physical pain
  • highs and lows
  • insecurities
  • negative thought patterns
  • trauma
  • suppressed emotions
  • unfulfilled desires
  • a lack of love for yourself and others

If you said yes to one or more on that list (I’m going to assume that 100% of you said yes), then Breathwork is something that you can benefit from.


Because we have been taught to not express our emotions and suppress what we do feel. Because we teach our children not to throw tantrums or yell and that being quiet and well behaved is desired. Because we have all grown up in a conditioned society that places expectations and demands on us, in order to fit in and belong.

So when we feel something “undesirable” like anger or worry, we might push it down. When we want something, we might deny ourselves that thing or feel shame or guilt for wanting it. And when we don’t fit in, we might try to change ourselves so that people will like us more. We don’t love ourselves.

And these behaviours become so ingrained in us that we no longer know when we’re feeling these emotions because we are so used to suppressing them. We are so used to not asking for what we want or need, but rather accommodate and prioritise others. Adapting who we are for others is also far too common.

And when we live a lifetime like this, it can turn into a dis-ease in the body. So doing practices like Breathwork can help tremendously to release the stuck energy that is not serving us, that is not flowing freely through the body. It can help transform how we feel about ourselves and our lives. It can help us to accept and love ourselves for who we truly are.


1 x  Breathwork Session - $140
4 x  Breathwork Sessions (once a week for four weeks) - $500
(all 4 sessions must be completed within 5 weeks).

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