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Human Design Informed Therapy

Human Design Informed Therapy

Do you understand who you truly are — for yourself? What if nothing is ever wrong with you?

Human Design Informed Therapy is designed to empower and educate you to understand how you have been conditioned to become who you are. It offers a new perspective for you to know your unique self that can liberate you to live your own truth. 

Human Design Informed Therapy is designed to offer you a reflective mirror for you to understand yourself, your mind and your life, exploring:

  • how you have become who you think you are
  • where the roots of your suffering come from
  • how you had been conditioned to be who you were not
  • why you become the way you are in relation to the world around you
  • what were perceived as the absolute rightness or wrongness might not be your truth
  • what your unique truth is in being you
  • how to live in the world as it is while living your authenticity
  • observing what you are here to see
  • unknowing to know how to yield to your innate body wisdom with a rested mind

Through the logical explanation on your own BodyGraph, you will embody a new perspective or a refreshing approach to life, to taste the potential freedom to be true to yourself, to embrace what it is as it is, to accept the limitations and vulnerability of being a human while engaging in your collective everyday reality. 

After sessions, clients often report that it has felt like a re-birthing process of self-acceptance and love, with more clarity about any unresolved mystery from their past, and more trust about who they are becoming towards the future. They also mentioned the quality of their relationships have changed, with more self reflective awareness towards the world around them, leading to the powerful healing for relationship problems/trauma.

Blaming, shaming, guilting and faulting dissolved once we understand each other’s biodiversity, where nobody and nothing else needs to be changed once we are at peace with who we already are. 

Listen to Nanxi’s sharing on Human Design Informed Therapy

What is Human Design

The Human Design System is a radically innovative body of knowledge about the Human condition and the nature of being. The main difference from other systems is that its fundamental premises are not psychological, neither philosophical nor metaphysical. On the contrary, they rest upon a physical structure that resembles the human form, and out of which emerges all the mechanical and cognitive laws that are used by our genes to organise our physical experience of the world of form and consciously integrate with life at a holistic level. 

The individual way in which this BodyGraph is imprinted at birth determines the unique way we embody human potential. It also conditions the perception that we have of ourselves, in relationship to life and to the people in our environment. The functionality of this human structure is entirely mechanical, and therefore free from any slant towards any kind of dogma, since the truth revealed by its configuration can only be accessed individually. This means it can never be the same for any two human beings. 

What’s more, the language in which the information is delivered is easy for anyone to understand, because everything that it reveals is inherently human and part of everybody’s daily lives.


The number of combinations that can emerge out of the genetic matrix of the human species is practically infinite. Having a tool that allows one to objectively measure the difference between what makes us equal to the rest of human beings and what makes us absolutely unique; is surely an individual privilege that is also the dream of all cognitive sciences. In Human Design, this individual difference is not only portrayed in the structure of the physical BodyGraph; but it also reveals the inherent purpose in the fundamental duality with which all human beings come into the world.


For the first time in the long evolution of our species, we have knowledge about the individual potential in each human being; one that’s not based in dogmas nor idealisation about the kind of creatures that we are as a bio form. The BodyGraph is an organic struct that reveals the mechanical model used by our genes to organise the physical life of our bodies; and simultaneously sustain the cognitive functionality of the brain in permanent alignment with the conscious realm of the human personality.


The Human Design system is here to show you that nothing ever was wrong with you, and nothing needs to be more right to be you. Your unique differentiated self is the best you could ever be beyond any homogenised comparison. When you have learned to unlearn what’s no longer serving you, you will feel more at ease and relaxed with what life brings to you, either as challenges or wisdom potential for growth. You will discover your own inner authority to make sensible decisions for navigating your life. 

When we know who we are, and accept all experiences in our lives as they are meant to be, perfectly imperfect as the everyday reality without needing anything to be any different. We no longer search for reasons or justification to love oneself. Loving oneself is the most natural thing, and it brings a sensation that transcends all reasons. Experiment it for yourself. Discover the empowerment of your personal magic by learning to trust in your own most intrinsic nature. 


Free Introduction to Human Design

How unique and differentiated you are, beyond your imagination.

Nanxi has created a one-hour overview introducing the Human Design system and how it might help you. 

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Follow up individual sessions: $200 AUD

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