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Heal & Thrive

Heal & Thrive

Whole Food Basics 6 Week Reset

6 group sessions with Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners

SWAP Tired, Bloated, Irritated & Stressed with Energised, Nourished, Happy and Balanced!

  • Townsville based program starting in October
  • Empowering Group Education Sessions
  • Recipes and Food Swaps
  • Ongoing Email Support for 6 weeks
  • Benefits include; Nutrition and health education, resources, and ongoing support

Module 1

Introducing the Whole Food Nutrient Dense Diet and how to eat for maximum nutrition and vitality.

Modern Food and Ancestral Eating- The journey of how convenient processed and fast food has impacted the way we consume and ultimately our health outcomes.

Food Swaps- Easy Healthy alternatives to some of the less nutritious processed foods

Quick Easy Recipe ideas to energise and nourish you

Module 2

Gas, bloating, fatigue, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, food sensitivities? Learn how the modern diet impacts on the process of digestion causing a host of nasty side effects and what you can do to change it.

Module 3

How to stabilise your moods, address anxiety and depression, and lose that stubborn belly weight.

What is a carbohydrate and what it does in your body and why to need to know this?

Module 4

Have you lost your mojo? Learn how to Balance your hormones without drugs, restore libido and achieve restful sleep

Module 5

How to integrate ancient and modern stress management techniques into your life.  Why the physical impacts of stress on the body are more than just a feeling. Learn strategies to find calm in today’s busy modern world.

Module 6

Who doesn’t want to thrive, feel fantastic and have abundant energy? Empower yourself with the foundations of Wellness? These tools will guide you and keep you focused, this is diet and lifestyle education to transform you.

Graduation Dinner Celebration

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