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I am more connected to by body than ever before

Leanne, I am so grateful that our paths crossed in Australia and that with your guidance I gained back my health. I remember when I had my first consultation with you in 2015 and I told you about my food allergies and other health problems, that day you were the first person who truly listened to me and took my health concerns seriously.

I not only was fascinated of my first functional evaluation but also curious about the ImuPro Food Intolerance test who revealed to which foods my body reacted to. I could not believe that apart from dairy (I suspected that already before the test), eggs, garlic and crayfish were causing problems to my body. Within only three months after eliminating the foods that came up in the test, change to a Paleo lifestyle (without eggs and garlic though), cooking from scratch with wholesome foods and taking selected supplements that my body needed, I not only lost weight, especially around my waist, but also reversed all symptoms I had before. No more eczema’s, no fatigue, awesome sleep and weight loss.Overall I felt so much better.

During that time, I also learned a lot from you about nutrition, cooking healthy, the importance of gut health and much more. I even was able to reintroduce some of the foods like eggs and garlic without having a reaction, which just shows how much my gut and body has healed. It has been journey for me since then and I am glad I could revisit you when I felt I needed to improve my health again. We now have the year 2017 and I only can say, I am more connected to by body than ever before. I learned to listen to my body very carefully and by body tell me what I need. I would not have managed that without your guidance.

Thank you so much and also for being an inspiration, Leanne!

Your friend Sabine x

You have been the biggest motivator

Leanne - you have been the biggest motivator in my life for the past 2 years and I don't know how on earth I'd be able to thank you for all the support you've shown me! To say I'm grateful to have met you is an enormous understatement. Who knows where I would be now, health wise, without you and the NTA! I've been given so many wonderful opportunities that others are envious of and I am so lucky to have been a part of Core Nourishment for the past year! I'm so thankful that you believed in me, and opened the doors to this beautiful world I now live in.

MA - Townsville

A big THANK YOU for your guidance and knowledge

I want to say a big THANK you for your guidance and knowledge throughout my journey, although i didn't need much support, i knew it was there.

The benefits of being sugar, dairy, gluten, caffeine and soy free are enormous, far too big to list them all (I could easily write a book)

My body needed to be healed from the inside and without your knowledge and support this couldn't have happened.

You have given me a kick up the bum that i needed to shake a few habits, I'm feeling 100% better with most goals attained and want to continue along my own path of discovery.

Very happy to have met you  and i appreciate all you have done.

NW, Townsville

Life changing

I have thyroid, cardiovascular and blood sugar diseases in my family. My grandmother had all three.

I always pass my standard thyroid tests. Recently, my functional lab results have shown that I've already started down a slippery slope to fruition. With help from Leanne, I now have an opportunity to adjust and heal before it does.

I always knew I wasn't able to absorb food well but I have discovered, with Leanne's help, that becoming really sick with cardiovascular disease and blood sugar symptoms all developed from a gut issue. Add to this too much alcohol, sugar, antibiotics, injections, viruses (bird flu), parasites, Gardia, and candida in the gut - you can see the perfect storm has occurred.

Leanne is trying to stop disease before the damage is irreversible, bridging the gap between health professionals who treat full blown disease. Really fascinating and life changing stuff.

L.W Townsville

Bouncing with energy

I had always considered myself to eat healthily, exercised regularly and managed the stress in my professional career well. Certain things bothered me but I put that down to age -  prostate issues, aching joints, losing energy, memory loss etc

That was until I signed up for a 6 month programme with Leanne.

After 6 weeks on the programme I feel fantastic, easily 10 years younger, (even look it according to my daughter, who hadn't seen me during the 6 weeks) my memory has improved, my prostate symptoms gone, bouncing with energy and no aching joints.

I would highly recommend anyone to try the programme and see how well they can feel above what they currently feel. Having made the changes I will not be letting any bad habits slip back in. Leanne provides a comprehensive analysis, interpretation and ongoing support to guide you to become a better you

JH, United Kingdom

To Say We Are Grateful Is An Understatement

Hi! I’d like you to meet my son David. He was about eight months old when this photo was taken. It was in October 2012 shortly after he was diagnosed with allergies to egg, dairy (including sheep and goat), most nuts and wheat. The arms of his body suit are taped around his wrists because the eczema you can see on his cheeks extended over every part of his body. He would literally shred his skin if he wasn’t restrained. He first developed eczema at about six weeks of age and it never let up. Skin infections were a constant risk. By the time this photo was taken, he had been hospitalised once and had been prescribed eight courses of antibiotics. He had digestion issues in addition to the allergies and the eczema – just to add to the general joy of his existence!

We tried everything. There is literally no eczema cream on the market that David didn’t have a crack at. Working out how to meet his nutritional needs while avoiding foods he was allergic to was incredibly difficult. It was so painful to watch our little baby in so much discomfort and pain. Doctors helped to a point, but had no solutions to fix it. The situation was maddening.

I met Leanne in January 2013. She has worked with our family to build up David’s health and well- being with huge success. This is David today. To say we are grateful is something of an understatement!


Very Positive

Thank you for a powerful workshop! Feedback was very positive following the session on Wednesday night. What I am also hearing is staff are now reflecting on their own health. This is great as this was also my aim.

I think with staff having more knowledge about foods they will be able to educate and support parents with the importance of nutrition for their children

I am really looking forward to the session at next week.


Not Feeling Deprived

I've just realised that for the last 3 years (at least) I've been operating sub-optimally - tired all the time, fuzzy brain, achy, low energy, and a feeling of steady deterioration - and it's been caused by my diet. I've been fighting it by exercising, attempting to be gluten free, taking the right supplements, eating well, meditating, no alcohol etc. But it's just in this last week since I have removed all the foods that I now know are causing me to react that I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I actually feel human. My diet at the moment is severely restrictive, but I am eating better than I have in years, I'm losing weight and do not feel deprived - it's just adapting the way I am used to eating that is taking a little adjustment. Pain and illness are great motivators for change!" M.L

Guidance and Advice

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have been giving me on my journey to regain my health. Every day I wake up feeling grateful for feeling better and I know this is because of your guidance and advice. I feel like I am in control of my body again for the first time in decades and that is a truly amazing feeling. K.P.

Appreciative of Your Help

I am so very appreciative of your help.  I love spending time with you and am so honoured to have met you. T.K

Feeling Blessed


I am so looking forward to my journey and feel blessed to have you by my side..... thank you very much. C. P

Looking Forward to Our Next Session

Thank you so  much :) feel like I have finally got a bit of control on my eating habits. Still not perfect but each day I am making more positive choices and feel much better for it. Seeing improvement in not only skin and weight but also my nails now. I have never had nails but they seem to be growing. Its amazing to see the changes and I feel disappointed in myself for not taking care of me sooner but at least I am on the right track now and I have you to thank :)

Looking forward to our next session too!! K.C.

What A Success

I just wanted to pass on our excitement about my Mothers carpal tunnel syndrome. She has had this for over ten years, but more severe in the past six or so (to the point of waking up several times a night having to move arms to get feeling back). Gone. Also, the bunions she has? No more pain. The swelling in her fingers have gone down and no more arthritic pain in her hands, feet and back. Oh, and she has lost 6kg to boot!!! Mum has never been able to lose weight like that before (and without really trying!). My Father said that if it happened to anyone else, he would not have believed it. They are both eating AIP and loving it. Mum has loads of energy! What a success. All in under a month! Go figure. Go team go!!!


Thank you for all your support

Hi Leanne,

I thought you would really like to know that I just got off the phone to Mum and she revealed that her bleeding has stopped. Nearly two years of daily bleeding and stopped. Thirty years of autoimmune ...and it's stopped. My goodness. Words cannot even describe how elated/relieved we all are. This is amazing. Mum is so enthusiastic about all things autoimmune paleo!!

Thank you. Thank you for all your support so far. We all have such a new lease on life and couldn't think of a more dedicated and knowledgeable person to support us all on this journey! Thank you.

Talk soon E.T

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