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Wild Heart Yoga and Meditation

Wild Heart Yoga and Meditation

A Personal Practice with Kerryelle Bucknell

Have you ever had a yoga session created bio-individually just for you?

Mindful, smart movement of your BODY connects you with your BREATH (an underrated super power!) and breath connects you powerfully to your MIND. The coherence of these systems brings calm, peace and clarity to your being and you can approach life from a space of equanimity.

As a certified yoga and meditation teacher, I will weave together a supportive programme designed for your needs. Through an initial one hour consultation, together we will build a gentle, heart centred and restorative series of support videos that are right for wherever your needs are at right now. Utilising the science of yoga, the personal practices will support balancing your energy on a physical and emotional level and connecting you deeply with yourself. I will support you to build your strength, determination, and willpower by nourishing yourself through your yoga practice. A complete yoga practice will include simple and effective breath and meditation techniques that set you up for success.

One hour consultation, recommendations and 2 video package : $275.00

One hour consultation, recommendations and 4 video package : $490.00 

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