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Nanxi Chen

Nanxi Chen

For the first 30 years of my life, I had every reason to be happy, yet I was unhappy. A deep-rooted sense of unworthiness to seek love and a delusion of who I thought I should be directed my trial and error journey - from childhood to motherhood, to divorce.

No matter what level of success I had achieved in life, no matter how glamorous my masks were as a role model for others, the suffocation and despair of ‘prostituting who I am for who I am not’,  enslaving for others’ identity in order to prove my value of existence, continued to strike me from time to time. That is, until the Human Design system demystified every coping mechanism for my unnecessary struggle, deconstructed my illusion for how and why I suffered the way I did, and finally empowered me to see what is already here has always been here - acceptance and joy in effortlessly being different as me.

My Training Pathways 

After years of self-healing experiences, I undertook extensive training including restorative yoga, psychotherapy, movement therapy, clinical hypnosis and functional nutrition therapy, as well as immersing myself in Somatic Educator and Human Design Analyst/Guide trainings, including DreamRave, Penta, Sociology, Differentiation Degree, and Cosmology (ongoing).

All of my experiences in learning diverse healing modalities have created my unique therapeutic style to support each individual’s own needs and wants for potential transformation and growth.

For all my life, I was trying to be special and pursued every intellectual modality to prove I could be good enough to deserve love and recognition…until encountering Human Design, I finally embraced my ordinary humanness, and became deeply mesmerised by my humbling experience of waking up and feeling alive — breathing in the wonder of the simplicity in becoming another magical day of me.

The most profound training is unlearning to learn, and unknowing to know: what truly matters to me can only come from my living wisdom gained through my own life’s struggles as being a mother, a daughter, and my confrontation of my vulnerability in its rawness.  

Who am I here for

Only if you are ready and willing to meet your own truth and start taking ownership of your precious life, then this is for you. Instead of guilting, shaming, blaming, faulting…my role is to empower you to de-condition from your beliefs/opinions on who you thought you should/could/must/have to be, and to truly see yourself as no more or less a human for who you already are. 

I am here to help you discern whether it is necessary to continue the pain, or to release yourself from your distorted not-self stories. I provide practical solutions and strategies for you to experiment in your everyday living and to go through the de-conditioning process with tenderness and kindness to yourself - and to become your own teacher or role model as you navigate through your own trajectory. 

Living truthful as yourself doesn’t mean you are supposed to be any different than who you already are, but rather you become more aware of the roots of your own suffering, and understand your own potential to make decisions differently than you used to.

I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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