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All The Things

All The Things

All The Things

24th October 2023

Could it be that the search outside of ourselves comes from the illusion we are somehow incomplete?

When in fact we have simply forgotten who we are?

How does feeling “Incomplete” manifest in our lives?

  1. Fear - fear leaves us relying on things for happiness and leaves us stuck in our same patterns and habits, even if they are unhealthy. Fear leads to a reliance on an outer “other” for our sense safety which then leads us to being at risk of being manipulated
  2. Addiction - food, shopping, alcohol, social media etc. The craving that is never entirely satiated. The temporary fleeting thrill of the purchase, the drink, the high that is over as almost as quickly as it began.
  3. Getting away from ourselves - using travel, holidays and distraction to avoid the uncomfortable sensations of incompleteness. Feeling like we need a holiday from our everyday lives.
  4. Chasing Credentials- never feeling educationally “qualified” enough or defining yourself by the credentials you have
  5. Seeking status - through purchase of cars, houses, clothing, social circles etc
  6. Relying - on the external “other” for our sense of worth, love and belonging

So how does feeling Complete manifest in our lives?

  1. Abundance - a sense of already having everything one needs ..within
  2. Unconditional Love - acceptance of ourselves and others as they are without judgement. Not treating love as a form of possession.
  3. Purpose - truly knowing why we are here and having the freedom and openness to express it
  4. Peace - realizing there’s nothing left to “fix”, heal or correct. Feeling at peace within our own skin
  5. Miracles - the blinders of the eyes and censors of the mind are removed. You live from a place of expanded consciousness where miracles are not just possible but everyday occurrences.

The human journey IS the journey of completing oneself.

Whole Human Healing is not just about addressing our symptoms and eating better.

It’s about returning to the state of completion and discovering how powerful that actually is.

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